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To maintain a pleasant atmosphere for everyone, we expect our guests to observe the following house rules:

  • No drugs (including marijuana, GHB, cocaine, hash, weed, LSD, XTC) and other illegal goods in and around the building.
  • You are not allowed to use, trade and/or carry NITROUS OXIDE during your stay at our hotel. If we find nitrous oxide capsules in the room, you will have to leave the hotel, without refund of already paid room charges.
  • If you damage any of our hotels' property, you will be held liable for repair and/or replacement costs.
  • The hotel is not liable for the loss of and/or damage to your personal property.
  • Several CAMERAS are present in and around the building. By entering this building and the immediate surroundings of the hotel you agree that recordings may be made of you.
  • Staff may at any time refuse entry or request anyone to leave the premises. The decision of the staff is decisive. Failure to comply with the staff's decision will result in the police being called in.
  • It is not allowed to stay in the room with more than the reserved number of persons.
  • It is not allowed to receive visitors in the room, regardless of the duration of the visit.
  • SMOKING in the entire building (including the car park if present) is strictly prohibited (This also applies to electronic cigarettes). In case of violation, we will fine you € 250.00 and you will have to leave the hotel, without refund of room charges already paid.
  • If you disable the SMOKE DETECTOR and thereby endanger the entire hotel, the hotel will impose a fine of € 250.00 imposed on you and you will have to leave the hotel without refund of already paid charges.
  • If the fire alarm goes off due to smoking in the room, the fire brigade's call-out charge of €150.00 will be charged to you.
  • It is not allowed to COOK IN THE ROOM and/or use a (camping) gas stove. It is also not allowed to burn incense and/or candles in the room.
  • It is not allowed to use emergency exits as normal entrances and exits. Emergency exits may only be used in case of emergency.
  • The room will be cleaned at least every three days, even if you have set the control panel in the room or the door hanger to 'Do not disturb'.
  • If the room, more than what is reasonable, is left very dirty, additional cleaning costs (€ 50.00) may be charged.
  • We operate a zero tolerance policy. This means that if you do not comply with these house rules, no warning will be given and you will be asked to leave the hotel immediately, without refund of already paid room charges. For some violations, a fine will be imposed as described above.
  • By entering the hotel and grounds, you accept the house rules of Hotel Serwir. In case of violation, you may be summoned to leave the premises. This may also lead to you being denied access for a definite or indefinite period of time. If necessary, the assistance of the police may be requested.

This notice was last updated on October, 2023.